Microsoft Inside Ole 2. Kraig Brockschmidt

Microsoft Inside Ole 2

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Microsoft Inside Ole 2 Kraig Brockschmidt
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@srvproduct='Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2',. Embedded code—for example, OLE objects or Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications code—is stored in a separate section within the file, so it can be easily identified for special processing. If you have a query that is very complicated, and possibly exceeds the max length of a String data type, then the recommendation from Microsoft is not really a good choice for you. Lenny is a seasoned business and tech leader with extensive experience in information technology and security. Going back to the SQL 2) In the Properties window, set EvaluateAsExpression to True. Take a look at my other security cheat sheets. His areas of expertise include incident response, cloud services and product management. Then later, when asked to create a new object of a particular kind (e.g., when you Insert/Object "Microsoft Excel Worksheet" from within Microsoft Word), OLE can look it up in the registry and launch it (if it's an app) or load the shared library, and call the appropriate My best, and frankly irreplaceable, reference for all of this, beyond having access to the code itself, has been Inside OLE, Second Edition, by Kraig Brockschmidt, ISBN 1-55615-843-2, sadly out of print. This method allows one to automatically see the 2. And me being a bigger fan of Microsoft than IBM, I decided I would go the route of connecting SQL Management Studio and SSIS into the DB2 databases to extract the data. IT Administrators can block the documents that contain unwanted macros or controls, This covers two of the main facets required for intelligence: open, editable content and accessible document metadata. Learn to turn malware inside-out at my SANS Institute course on analyzing malicious code. Up until then Microsoft had been pushing COM as the preferred technology for developing software components for Windows. I have a few posts blogging about how to pass variables into parameterized queries into Execute SQL Task and OLE DB Data Source in a data flow. @provstr='NetLib=TCPIP;NetAddr=XXX. Structured Storage (OLE SS) defines a file system inside the binary Microsoft Office file.